Exercise and Purified Omega-7 for a Fitter You

When it comes to achieving optimal health and well-being, exercise and nutrition are two critical pillars. While we often focus on well-known nutrients and fitness routines, there's a wonderful ally that can complement our exercise efforts - Purified Omega-7 palmitoleic acid. Let’s take a deep dive into the fascinating synergy between exercise and Omega-7, unlocking the potential for a fitter, healthier you.

  1. Enhancing Exercise Performance: Regular physical activity is essential for maintaining overall health and fitness. Omega-7's role in supporting cardiovascular health and promoting efficient fat metabolism can contribute to enhanced exercise performance. Improved cardiovascular function ensures that oxygen and nutrients are effectively delivered to muscles during exercise, while efficient fat metabolism provides a sustainable energy source for longer workouts.

  2. Supporting Post-Exercise Recovery: Exercise places stress on our muscles and tissues, leading to microscopic damage that triggers the body's repair process. Omega-7's anti-inflammatory properties may aid in reducing post-exercise muscle inflammation, supporting a quicker recovery, and minimizing discomfort after workouts.

  3. Promoting Joint Health: For those engaged in high-impact activities, joint health is crucial. Omega-7's potential to reduce inflammation may help protect and support joint function, allowing for smoother and more comfortable movement during exercise.

  4. Aiding Weight Management: Maintaining a healthy weight is often a goal of regular exercise. Omega-7's ability to enhance fat metabolism and promote insulin sensitivity can complement weight management efforts, supporting your journey to achieving and maintaining a healthy weight.

  5. Boosting Energy Levels: Exercise can leave us feeling invigorated, but it also requires ample energy. Omega-7's role in aiding fat metabolism provides a valuable energy source, ensuring that you have the stamina to power through your workouts.

  6. Supporting Cardiovascular Health: Regular exercise strengthens the cardiovascular system, and Omega-7's potential to promote heart health complements these efforts. Together, they create a powerful combination for a healthy heart and overall well-being. Combat c-reactive proteins

  7. Nourishing Skin and Hair: Exercise stimulates blood flow to the skin and scalp, promoting a healthy complexion and vibrant hair. Omega-7's moisturizing effects can further enhance skin hydration and support healthy hair growth, allowing you to embrace your post-workout glow.

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Plant Vs. Fish Oil Palmitoleic Acid - Is There a Difference?

While an algal or plant based alternative sounds healthier than Omega-7 derived from fish oil, this is not the case. Most Omega-7's contain high levels of palmitic acid (PO) which has shown in studies to negate the benefits of palmitoleic acid (POA). Your surest choice is Cardia 7 containing Provinal®, with less than 1% palmitic acid.

Incorporating Omega-7 into Your Routine:

When you’re exercising and, on the go, the best and fastest way to get the daily amount of purified palmitoleic acid is from Provinal® Omega-7 and taking our supplement Cardia 7! Cardia 7 is just one 420mg soft gel a day to receive the benefits of our purified Omega-7.

Exercise and Omega-7 form a powerful team that propels you towards optimal health and fitness. By supporting exercise performance, post-exercise recovery, joint health, weight management, energy levels, cardiovascular health, and skin and hair health, Omega-7 complements your exercise efforts in numerous ways.  Witness the transformation towards a fitter, healthier, and happier you with Cardia 7 Omega-7 at your side.

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