Provinal® Omega-7

Ultra Purified Palmitoleic Acid

 Cardia 7 Omega 7 Trivonal Tear Health


What is Cardia 7?

Cardia 7® is a dietary supplement that contains the patented ingredient, Provinal® which is an ultra-purified palmitoleic acid, or also known as an Omega-7. This purified palmitoleic acid is a monounsaturated fatty acid (MUFA), and is palmitic acid-free. Safe and effective, bottles contain 30, 60, & 90 softgels each - a one, two or three month supply. Daily dosage is 420 mg/day (210 mg palmitoleic acid), in one small softgel.

3 bottles of Cardia 7 Purified Omega 7 

What is Provinal®?

Provinal® is a scientifically-studied and clinically-validated Omega-7 fatty acid of the palmitoleic class of Omega-7 fatty acids. When compared to popular Omega-3 fatty acids, Provinal®'s primary method of action signals molecules in animals and humans that facilitate healthy communication to muscle and fat cells for energy utilization and healthy fat storage and metabolism. Unhealthy disruptions in this metabolic signaling process are referred to as metabolic syndrome. Provinal® capably provides therapeutic benefit and promotes a healthy inflammatory response as well as a healthy metabolism of glucose and insulin.


Purified Omega-7 Benefits

1. Helps support & maintain overall healthy cardiovascular function 
2. Helps support & maintain healthy cholesterol levels
3. Assists with a healthy inflammatory response in the body
4. Works with your body naturally to help reduce inflammation & provide you with better quality of tears to combat factors relating to dry eye
5. Safe, effective, & 100% natural - Only one softgel per day 

    Cardia Omega 7 Benefits

    Provinal® For Purity

    To maximize the benefits, choose a highly purified Omega-7. Provinal® Omega-7 fatty acids set the standard for purity, removing saturated fatty acids and expressing high levels of palmitoleic acid. Other formulations contain much higher concentrations of palmitic acid, a saturated fat shown to have negative health effects.

    • Palmitic Acid-Free, so you can avoid the "bad" fat.
    • 5-Star IFOS™ rated - Provinal® is the only Omega-7 to earn this rating from the International Fish Oil Standards™ Program
    • Sourced from Chilean and Peruvian waters; no shellfish or krill.
    • Provinal® is GRAS Certified & NDI Certified

        What Makes Provinal® Purified Omega-7 Different?

        Palmitic acid has shown in studies to negate the positive effects of palmitoleic acid.
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