Provinal® Purified Omega-7 | TearHealth™: The Natural Solution for Dry Eyes Relief

Omega-7: The Natural Solution for Dry Eye Relief

Dry eye syndrome, a common and bothersome condition affecting millions worldwide, occurs when the eyes fail to produce sufficient tears or when tears evaporate too quickly. The result is dryness, irritation, and discomfort that can significantly impact daily life. While dry eye treatments range from artificial tears to prescription medications, an emerging and natural solution is gaining attention – over the counter Omega-7 supplements.

Lubricated Eye - Tear Health

Understanding Dry Eye Syndrome:

Before delving into the benefits of Omega-7 palmitoleic acid, it's essential to grasp the underlying causes of dry eye syndrome. Several factors contribute to this condition, including environmental triggers (e.g., dry air, wind), prolonged screen time, hormonal changes, aging, certain medications, and underlying health issues. These factors disrupt the delicate balance of the tear film, leading to dryness, inflammation, and potential damage to the eye's surface.

Introducing Omega-7 for Dry Eye Relief:

Omega-7, also known as palmitoleic acid, is a monounsaturated fatty acid which its unique properties make it a promising remedy for dry eye relief.

  1. Moisturizing and Lubricating: Omega-7's remarkable ability to nourish and lubricate the eye's surface plays a key role in dry eye relief. Its moisturizing properties help soothe the ocular surface, reducing discomfort and irritation associated with dry eyes.

  2. Promoting Tear Production: Omega-7 has shown to support the lacrimal glands, responsible for tear production, enhancing tear volume and promoting a healthier tear film. This, in turn, aids in maintaining the eye's natural moisture and reducing dry eye symptoms.

  3. Reducing Inflammation: Inflammation is a common component of dry eye syndrome. Omega-7's anti-inflammatory properties may help alleviate the underlying inflammation, supporting the healing process of the ocular surface.

  4. Supporting Overall Eye Health: Beyond dry eye relief, Omega-7 contributes to overall eye health. Its nourishing effects on the eye's structures and cells can help prevent oxidative stress and maintain optimal ocular function.

Tear Health Bottle with Image of Lubricated Eye

Incorporating Omega-7 into Your Routine:

To harness the benefits of Omega-7 for dry eye relief, Omega Wonders developed TearHealth™, a product created for Eye Practitioners after patients from our multiple successful clinical trials began requesting it.

If you've been struggling with the discomfort of dry eyes, consider the natural solution offered by Provinal® Omega-7 for Tear Health. TearHealth™’s moisturizing, tear-promoting, and anti-inflammatory properties can bring much-needed relief to dry eye sufferers. Once you experience the comfort of a well-lubricated and healthy ocular surface, you’ll wish you tried it sooner.

At checkout, use discount code: HAPPYEYES (all caps, all one word) to receive 20% off your next purchase of TearHealth™ from the Omega Wonders Store –

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