Omega Wonders Collaboration with BASF's Newtrition Line

Omega Wonders is excited to announce its first-ever Omega-3 product!

Cardia 3 with Accelon™ technology is the most effective and convenient daily Omega-3 supplement. Take one a day, any time (even on an empty stomach!), and get the essential Omega-3s EPA and DHA to support your heart, brain, and eye health. Get more out of your Omega-3—all without fishy burps.


Greater Absorption, Faster Results.

Cardia 3 absorbs into the body 3X faster than competitor supplements due to our Accelon™ technology. Accelon™ is a self-microemulsifying delivery system that increases absorption of EPA                                                           and DHA in the bloodstream, even on an empty stomach.


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