Purified Omega 7: “A medical breakthrough”

By Drs. Oz & Roizen, the “You Docs” (Excerpted from “Four Medical Breakthroughs you should know about”)

Recently, we were totally blown away by four medical breakthroughs we think you should know about.

Purified Omega 7: The ‘new’ good fat

The “new” good fat: You’ve already heard plenty about DHA, the great-for-you omega-3 fatty acid in fatty fish and algae or fish-oil capsules. Now, research from Harvard Medical School, the Cleveland Clinic (where Dr. Mike is Chief Wellness Officer) and universities in Hawaii and Japan revealed that Omega-7 fatty acids found in purified palmitoleic acid have amazing powers too!

Our take: Take 200 milligrams of purified omega-7 in capsule form along with 900 milligrams of DHA daily.

Published in the Houston Chronicle on Friday, July 20, 2012

Image of “You” Docs used with permission of Drs. Oz & Roizen

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