Flexinol - Joint Health Support - 60 count

$ 54.95

Flexinol® Joint Solution with 800mg of Provinal® - The newest Physician preferred #1 recommendation for healthy joints and pain management. Purified Omega 7 nutritional supplements offer targeted support for chronic joint pain, soreness, stiffness, and range of motion. Flexinol® promotes overall improvement of joint function, activity levels and quality of life.

Flexinol® is made with Provinal®, an all-natural Omega 7 fatty acid of a new class where the palmitic acid is removed as a pro-inflammatory agent and the palmitoleic acid is elevated to over 50% which powerfully promotes a healthy inflammatory response, resulting in a cutting-edge inflammation and joint damage and discomfort fighter

In a recent study involving Flexinol®, the following benefits were seen:

  • Subjects taking Flexinol® exhibited longer time to reach maximum pain level
  • Flexinol® intake increased the duration of exercise prior to experiencing maximum pain level
  • Flexinol® intake greatly increased range of motion
  • Benefits of Flexinol® were seen within a 7 day time period

With each softgel capsule containing 400mg of the highly sought after Provinal® Omega 7, all it takes is one softgel per day to feel the amazing benefits in joint function and comfort. Flexinol containing Provinal®, an ultra-purified palmitoleic acid, is an Omega-7 monounsaturated fatty acid (MUFA), and is palmitic acid-free.


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